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What Do You Even Do All Day?

My alarm is blaring, signalling that it’s time for me to wake up, despite the feeling that I just fell asleep. 4:45 am – waking up this early is inhuman. I aggressively rub sleep from my eyes and fight to drag myself from the warmth of my bed. I quietly exit the bedroom and make […]


In case you were wondering, I am having the kind of day where I am sitting at work, half-dead, and my office phone rings, as it so often does. My response was to sit here and stare at it horror as if it was some disease ridden mutant fresh off the set of The Walking […]

A Quick Game of Catch Up

Attending school full time and planning a wedding keeps me busy enough that I actually forgot today was Halloween. Normally I love Halloween – attending parties, dressing ridiculously, drinking with friends, what’s not to love. This year I just don’t have it in me. I am stressed out and exhausted on every level. I am […]

Gainful Employment

I make frequent mention of the fact that I hate my job but, the thing is it’s not the job I hate – it’s the people I work for. Here’s the thing about working there – you can never really be fully sure of what your job is. While I understand that small corporations and […]

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

It’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is upon us, with corporate America shoving Christmas down our throats since mid-October.   In today’s world of consumerism and materialistic “needs” its commonplace that we lose the meaning of these holidays we’re rushing through. Thanksgiving is about so much more than gorging ourselves on perfectly roasted poultry served […]

Apathetic Efforts

I should be researching florists right now, but WordPress is far more interesting.  Why the sense of obligation and homework, you ask? Well because I am terrible at being a bride, that is why.  I want to say that I am disinterested, but that isn’t really it.  I love Nick. I love him more than […]

It’s Always a Matter of Life and Death

So I told Nick last week that I wanted to quit my job and become a writer. I told him I wanted to write a show stopping and titillating best seller, and that in order to do this I needed excessive free time and access to ever-flowing caffeine. He laughed at me.  Not out of […]