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Obligatory New Years Post

I am still not prepared to write about my vacation, I hardly even discuss it in person. I am selfishly holding onto the memories as if sharing them will cause them to slip away from me. Soon, though, I promise to share my adventure with the world. As you can see from the title this […]

Wedded Bliss

In the past year and a half I have told you all about my stress, apathy, aggravation, and happiness over planning my wedding and this past Friday I got to see all of my dreams come to fruition.  I am now a married woman! During the planning process people felt the need to continuously tell […]

A Quick Game of Catch Up

Attending school full time and planning a wedding keeps me busy enough that I actually forgot today was Halloween. Normally I love Halloween – attending parties, dressing ridiculously, drinking with friends, what’s not to love. This year I just don’t have it in me. I am stressed out and exhausted on every level. I am […]

Wedding Wednesday : Catching up in Crunch Time

I just realized it’s been almost a month since I last posted.  I’ve been busy losing my job, catching up with school, watching my baby brother head off to school far away, watching my adopted baby brother go off to the marines, and trying not to become Bride-zilla.  Most of that is for another day […]

Wedding Wednesdays: The Guest List

The most important part of the wedding, aside from me and Nick, is the guest list – the people we chose to spend the most important day of our lives with.   Both of us have maintained a certain amount of popularity throughout our lives, plus we have large families meaning that this task was […]

Wedding Wednesdays

There are 142 days left until my wedding, kids.  That is both the most exciting and most horrifying thing I have ever said in my entire life.  Nobody ever told me that wedding planning would be easy, and I never thought it would be. I have met girls foolish enough to think that it will be and […]

And Life Goes On…

My posting has been sporadic the past few months, kids.  Life is busier than ever and I can feel the wedding breathing down my neck as I continue to take on even more responsibility.  A busy life is not always the most fulfilling existence, but for me it has always been essential.  When I have […]