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Pregnancy Thoughts

Pregnancy changes your life in ways you don’t really expect when you head down that road.  There are days you can sit and reflect on it and just wonder – “How did I get here?” I’m not talking about the hormonal moodiness or the obvious body changes either, although those are clearly a thing. I […]

Promises to My Future Children

Nick and I have often discussed the eventuality of having children and while we are never truly on the same page we know that at some point in the future there will be a mini me. If left up to him we would start expanding our family yesterday, but me – well I could wait […]

Gainful Employment

I make frequent mention of the fact that I hate my job but, the thing is it’s not the job I hate – it’s the people I work for. Here’s the thing about working there – you can never really be fully sure of what your job is. While I understand that small corporations and […]

Wedding Wednesdays: The Guest List

The most important part of the wedding, aside from me and Nick, is the guest list – the people we chose to spend the most important day of our lives with.   Both of us have maintained a certain amount of popularity throughout our lives, plus we have large families meaning that this task was […]

5 Reasons I am Over NYC –Right Now

Okay – I am back. For real this time. Finally completing my last post seems to have opened a levy in my mind and I am writing like crazy, so get ready to be sick of me. Today I decided that I have had it with New York City and all of its shenanigans.   […]

Oh, So That’s Why You Have No Friends… Riiighhhtt

I bet you know someone who is “crazy”.  Doesn’t everyone?  Exactly!  But, what’s funny is that no two crazy people are the same type of loony-tune.  We have a love – hate relationship with the crazies in our life.  Perhaps, you are reading this and wondering who the crazy person in your life is.  If […]

Sandy – The Uninvited Guest

There are some anniversary’s or dates that only vaguely stay with us.  Graduations, meaningless relationships, or when they closed the bowling alley near your home.  Those are the kind of dates that are referred to as “I think it was June, about 4 years ago. Maybe 5 or 6.”  Then there are days that stick […]