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Wedding Wednesdays

There are 142 days left until my wedding, kids.  That is both the most exciting and most horrifying thing I have ever said in my entire life.  Nobody ever told me that wedding planning would be easy, and I never thought it would be. I have met girls foolish enough to think that it will be and […]

5 Reasons I am Over NYC –Right Now

Okay – I am back. For real this time. Finally completing my last post seems to have opened a levy in my mind and I am writing like crazy, so get ready to be sick of me. Today I decided that I have had it with New York City and all of its shenanigans.   […]

Because a Picture says What Words Never Can

Today is a story in pictures.  These pictures portray the utter devastation that I witness almost a year ago.  From this devastation rose some of the most heartwarming and beautiful stories you will ever hear.  I will attempt tomorrow to post the actual story of this storm, but it’s still so hard to relive the […]

Raw Emotions

It doesn’t feel like 12 years, it feels like yesterday, and sometimes it feels like everyday. Moving on has been important, it was the best revenge not to cower or change, but to live our lives freely and as we wished regardless of others holding it in contempt. It is also important that we never […]

And then I Spontaneously Combusted…

I didn’t write last week, which upsets me since I promised myself that I would post, at a minimum, once a week.  Really though, last week was a nightmare.  Each day of work was more of a nightmare than the day before.  And you would think that with the work week only being 4 days […]

Two Different Worlds

I grew up in New York City; but not really.  I was born and raised in Queens; but not quite.  I am from a place where the air is sweeter, saltier, heavier and lighter.  So close to the heart of a metropolis, of THE metropolis, is my own piece of paradise.  I’m from Rockaway Beach, […]

City Streets

I thoroughly enjoy people watching.  Part of me feels like this habit is perverse and mildly twisted, but I can’t help doing it.  The fact of it is that people are interesting.  It’s incredibly intriguing to look a person and guess at their life.  You can speculate their personal taste, their love life, their fashion […]