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A Rare Emotional Moment

I am, more often than not,¬†brash, vulgar, and mildly offensive. My observations on life walk the fine line between hilarious and appalling. I believe that overt emotion belongs to teenagers and passionate lovers, while the rest of us should just tuck that shit away for alone time. I am who I am, and I make […]

How I Became A Mom

And so it happened. As I knew it inevitably would. You see once you are pregnant there is really a 100% chance of the baby eventually coming out into the world. I say eventually because sometimes, as is the case with my darling daughter, the child holds onto it’s warm amniotic home until you physically […]


Early in December I discovered that I was pregnant. In retrospect their were plenty of symptoms I should have picked up on but having had a nightmarish November they were missed. Nick and I greeted the news of our future child with the usual amount of jubilation and horror. It is easily the scariest real-life […]

My Italian Honeymoon

I have been home for three weeks now. Three busy, jam packed, NYC weeks. Yet at some point every single day I have found myself lost in my own memory. I am Strolling ancient streets, perusing local markets, feeling the history buzzing around me, enjoying a glass of local wine under the moonlight and experiencing […]

Obligatory New Years Post

I am still not prepared to write about my vacation, I hardly even discuss it in person. I am selfishly holding onto the memories as if sharing them will cause them to slip away from me. Soon, though, I promise to share my adventure with the world. As you can see from the title this […]

Holiday Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I was 90% finished with my day after Christmas post. I had outlined the hi-jinks of my in-laws, my jet lagged entertaining, and the bouncing around I endured in Christmas eve. However I stopped writing and could not bring myself to finish. I received a phone call from an old colleague telling me […]

Promises to My Future Children

Nick and I have often discussed the eventuality of having children and while we are never truly on the same page we know that at some point in the future there will be a mini me. If left up to him we would start expanding our family yesterday, but me – well I could wait […]