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I think it’s about time I tackled some of the items on my 30 before 30 list, what with time running out and all. I’ve mentioned before that I had completed a few of them and just never got around to posting, because I absolutely suck at life. I’ll start small with number 4, which was […]

Bitter F-Bombs & The Death of Volunteerism

I recently posted about how tired I always am and the list of responsibilities I always have to attend to. Of all those obligations you would think there would have to be something expendable going on that I might eliminate. Perhaps, to those not in the know, the logical thing to do would be to […]

10 Signs That You’re Getting Old(er)

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my youth, lately. Hell, that statement alone makes me feel old. Seriously, though, the amount of nostalgia I have been experiencing for my teen years is getting out of hand. I chalk most of it up to the fact that my job has me frequenting areas […]


In case you were wondering, I am having the kind of day where I am sitting at work, half-dead, and my office phone rings, as it so often does. My response was to sit here and stare at it horror as if it was some disease ridden mutant fresh off the set of The Walking […]

Pregnancy Thoughts

Pregnancy changes your life in ways you don’t really expect when you head down that road.  There are days you can sit and reflect on it and just wonder – “How did I get here?” I’m not talking about the hormonal moodiness or the obvious body changes either, although those are clearly a thing. I […]


I know its a bit late, but my thoughts on this thanksgiving are simple. I won’t get mushy and gushy and tell you how much I love my family and friends. I do that on a regular day because I always try to appreciate them. No on this Thanksgiving I want to stress how thankful […]

Gainful Employment

I make frequent mention of the fact that I hate my job but, the thing is it’s not the job I hate – it’s the people I work for. Here’s the thing about working there – you can never really be fully sure of what your job is. While I understand that small corporations and […]