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Wedded Bliss

In the past year and a half I have told you all about my stress, apathy, aggravation, and happiness over planning my wedding and this past Friday I got to see all of my dreams come to fruition.  I am now a married woman! During the planning process people felt the need to continuously tell […]

A Quick Game of Catch Up

Attending school full time and planning a wedding keeps me busy enough that I actually forgot today was Halloween. Normally I love Halloween – attending parties, dressing ridiculously, drinking with friends, what’s not to love. This year I just don’t have it in me. I am stressed out and exhausted on every level. I am […]

Then That Happened…

I have actually been trying to write this post since January and I keep hitting a wall, so I decided to just do it and worry later.  I don’t write about this then I will not be able to write anything, which I know because I have tried.  Every time I sit in front of my […]

Oh, So That’s Why You Have No Friends… Riiighhhtt

I bet you know someone who is “crazy”.  Doesn’t everyone?  Exactly!  But, what’s funny is that no two crazy people are the same type of loony-tune.  We have a love – hate relationship with the crazies in our life.  Perhaps, you are reading this and wondering who the crazy person in your life is.  If […]

Rebuilding and Raving

Ah, yes, Labor Day Weekend.  Well known in my home town to be “Mardi Gras” – basically meaning that it is completely normal to see outlandish costumes and behavior.  I always remember it as the very best of summer and hometown fun.  Children wander the streets barefoot, devouring barbecued delicacies and an unhealthy amount  of […]

The List

Nick and I play this sadistic game where we like to repeatedly remind each other how old we’re getting, based on a random nostalgic throwback. We’ll go back and forth with things and places from earlier in our lives, making a joke out of the fact that we are both completely alarmed by the fact […]