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Bitter F-Bombs & The Death of Volunteerism

I recently posted about how tired I always am and the list of responsibilities I always have to attend to. Of all those obligations you would think there would have to be something expendable going on that I might eliminate. Perhaps, to those not in the know, the logical thing to do would be to […]

Wedded Bliss

In the past year and a half I have told you all about my stress, apathy, aggravation, and happiness over planning my wedding and this past Friday I got to see all of my dreams come to fruition.  I am now a married woman! During the planning process people felt the need to continuously tell […]

Sandy – The Uninvited Guest

There are some anniversary’s or dates that only vaguely stay with us.  Graduations, meaningless relationships, or when they closed the bowling alley near your home.  Those are the kind of dates that are referred to as “I think it was June, about 4 years ago. Maybe 5 or 6.”  Then there are days that stick […]

Because a Picture says What Words Never Can

Today is a story in pictures.  These pictures portray the utter devastation that I witness almost a year ago.  From this devastation rose some of the most heartwarming and beautiful stories you will ever hear.  I will attempt tomorrow to post the actual story of this storm, but it’s still so hard to relive the […]

Laughter Heals the Soul

Kids, I have something I must confess – – I have a sick, crude, off color, twisted and often offensive sense of humor.  But I am okay with that, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be.  The important thing here is that although some people (and not as many as you’d think) are turned […]

Let’s Catch Up…

Kids, life has been busy.  Very, very busy.   I feel like I have been running a marathon, and every night by the time I get into bed, I am collapsing with exhaustion.  Between work, wedding, firehouse and social life I barely have alone time to shower – but don’t worry, I still do!! 🙂 […]

Raw Emotions

It doesn’t feel like 12 years, it feels like yesterday, and sometimes it feels like everyday. Moving on has been important, it was the best revenge not to cower or change, but to live our lives freely and as we wished regardless of others holding it in contempt. It is also important that we never […]