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Obligatory New Years Post

I am still not prepared to write about my vacation, I hardly even discuss it in person. I am selfishly holding onto the memories as if sharing them will cause them to slip away from me. Soon, though, I promise to share my adventure with the world. As you can see from the title this […]

Holiday Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I was 90% finished with my day after Christmas post. I had outlined the hi-jinks of my in-laws, my jet lagged entertaining, and the bouncing around I endured in Christmas eve. However I stopped writing and could not bring myself to finish. I received a phone call from an old colleague telling me […]

That Time I Almost Died

Well – I have Staph, chickies.  Like the kind that kills you fast. Here’s the thing – as an EMT I am well aware of how dangerous Staph can be. I have seen it move quickly through a persons blood stream and kill them in a matter of days. It isn’t pretty.  On Tuesday evening […]

Then That Happened…

I have actually been trying to write this post since January and I keep hitting a wall, so I decided to just do it and worry later.  I don’t write about this then I will not be able to write anything, which I know because I have tried.  Every time I sit in front of my […]

Laughter Heals the Soul

Kids, I have something I must confess – – I have a sick, crude, off color, twisted and often offensive sense of humor.  But I am okay with that, so there is no reason you shouldn’t be.  The important thing here is that although some people (and not as many as you’d think) are turned […]

Let’s Catch Up…

Kids, life has been busy.  Very, very busy.   I feel like I have been running a marathon, and every night by the time I get into bed, I am collapsing with exhaustion.  Between work, wedding, firehouse and social life I barely have alone time to shower – but don’t worry, I still do!! 🙂 […]

Raw Emotions

It doesn’t feel like 12 years, it feels like yesterday, and sometimes it feels like everyday. Moving on has been important, it was the best revenge not to cower or change, but to live our lives freely and as we wished regardless of others holding it in contempt. It is also important that we never […]