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The One Where I Open My Own Shop

Today is one of those rare NYC days where the weather is warm and sunny, but neither the heat nor the humidity has become oppressive yet. Of course, I am stuck in my office but I have opened every window in sight and made 4 trips to the deli across the street despite needing nothing. […]


I think it’s about time I tackled some of the items on my 30 before 30 list, what with time running out and all. I’ve mentioned before that I had completed a few of them and just never got around to posting, because I absolutely suck at life. I’ll start small with number 4, which was […]

Going Postal

I have a confession, guys. Writing is my preferred method of communication 9 times out of 10. I would rather text than call, I write letters to my husband to express my feelings about a situation, I vent my frustrations into a journal, I leave notes on my bosses desk, etc… This has ALWAYS been […]

Getting Older & Letting Go

This morning I woke up another year older. I am one year closer to 30 with almost none of my 30 before 30 list completed. The difference now is that I am only one year away from being 30, and suddenly I feel overwhelmed to fill this year with the many hopes I had for […]

My Italian Honeymoon

I have been home for three weeks now. Three busy, jam packed, NYC weeks. Yet at some point every single day I have found myself lost in my own memory. I am Strolling ancient streets, perusing local markets, feeling the history buzzing around me, enjoying a glass of local wine under the moonlight and experiencing […]

Boun Viaggio

This past month has been mayhem, absolute and utter mayhem!  First there was the whole getting married thing, then there was my mothers 50th birthday, Thanksgiving, the 50th Surprise Birthday Party, the In-Laws 40th anniversary & Surprise party, Tina’s 25th Birthday and subsequent surprise party.  Yes, that was a lot of surprise parties, you are […]

And Life Goes On…

My posting has been sporadic the past few months, kids.  Life is busier than ever and I can feel the wedding breathing down my neck as I continue to take on even more responsibility.  A busy life is not always the most fulfilling existence, but for me it has always been essential.  When I have […]