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Obligatory New Years Post

I am still not prepared to write about my vacation, I hardly even discuss it in person. I am selfishly holding onto the memories as if sharing them will cause them to slip away from me. Soon, though, I promise to share my adventure with the world. As you can see from the title this […]

Holiday Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I was 90% finished with my day after Christmas post. I had outlined the hi-jinks of my in-laws, my jet lagged entertaining, and the bouncing around I endured in Christmas eve. However I stopped writing and could not bring myself to finish. I received a phone call from an old colleague telling me […]


I know its a bit late, but my thoughts on this thanksgiving are simple. I won’t get mushy and gushy and tell you how much I love my family and friends. I do that on a regular day because I always try to appreciate them. No on this Thanksgiving I want to stress how thankful […]

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

It’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving is upon us, with corporate America shoving Christmas down our throats since mid-October.   In today’s world of consumerism and materialistic “needs” its commonplace that we lose the meaning of these holidays we’re rushing through. Thanksgiving is about so much more than gorging ourselves on perfectly roasted poultry served […]