Random Thursday Thoughts

The laundromat near where I work sells cacti. They just hang out in the front window near a wall of dryers and a detergent display under an old sign that says “Cactus Sale”. Every single day I pass this sign and wonder what would posses the owner of a laundromat to sell these tiny resilient little guys.  I imagine he always wanted to to bring light to people’s lives with his lovely little plants, but as fate would have it he began running a very un-cactus-like business and needed a way to incorporate his deeply routed passion for all things cacti into his life. Maybe one of his regular clients expressed, mid spin-cycle, how she wished she could purchase a cactus and wash her clothing at the same time; giving birth to this odd and wonderful combination. I wonder how many he actually sells, or if anyone has every come in just because of that faded little sign.

This is one of life’s great mysteries to me that I love to speculate over. Unfortunately I may never know the story behind that sign or the connection between those sad little window plants and laundry.



2 thoughts on “Random Thursday Thoughts

    • I agree, mysteries like this are the best. Maybe one day I’ll meander in and ask to purchase one. It could set the groundwork for an investigation.

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