A Caffeinated Parody

I’d like a medium coffee, cream and sugar, and one blueberry muffin please.

What flavor coffee?

No flavor, just coffee.

Yes, coffee, but what flavor for the coffee.

I don’t want flavored coffee. Just regular coffee.

Oh, regular coffee with milk and sugar. 

No milk, cream please. Just a medium sized hot coffee, no flavor, cream and sugar.

Oh, you want cream. So sorry. What kind of coffee would you like, ma’am?

What do you mean?

We have vanilla, hazelnut, coconut…

No, no flavor. I just want coffee flavored coffee. Plain unflavored coffee in a medium cup. Coffee. Cream. Sugar.

Oooohhhh, light and sweet coffee. 

Sure, whatever.

Oh, wait ma’am don’t forget your corn muffin


Who knew breakfast came with full immersion Abbot & Costello skits… I swear my life is basically just a parody of itself most of the time.

5 thoughts on “A Caffeinated Parody

      • Hahaha, I might have, but I KNOW I didn’t order a corn muffin because they are so dry at that place. Honestly, I order the same thing every day and he wasn’t new so I don’t even know how to explain this phenomenon.

      • Hmm…maybe he was just having an off day. I’m like that once in a while and that’s when recharging has to take place…STAT!

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