Keeping Love Alive While Staying Cool

Well, hot holy hell, it’s already August. The Sunday of summer is upon us and weather projections in my neck of the woods are as bleak and sweaty as usual. I’ve never been a big fan of August, but since my daughter decided to arrive in the sweltering cesspool of humidity I’ve decided I don’t hate it quite as ardently as I once did. Still, few things are less appealing than me pouring sweat from putting out the trash 10 feet from my door on a typical August day.

Anyhow, speaking of appeal, did you know that August is Romance Awareness Month? I know, right, what blockhead thought this scheme up? Of all the months in a calendar year somebody looked at the hottest and stickiest of them all and thought of romance. Give me the first waning summer chill of September, the cuddle worthy weather of October and November, the first warm weeks of April or May, even the deep freeze of February, or literally any time of year over the sticky heat of August. I always wonder about these monthly observations and quirky holidays, anyway, because I am honestly curious as to who comes up with them. I suspect it’s a room full of people under 12 wearing fake mustaches and funny hats.

Where was I? Oh, right! August is Romance Awareness Month, no matter how obscene that sounds. So in the spirit of the holiday I’ve come up with a few ways to keep the romance alive without melting or repulsing each other with your back sweat. I’ve come up with four different date ideas that will hopefully keep the spark alive, allow you to enjoy the fact that it’s summer, but also allow you to stay somewhat comfortable.

Be sure to let me know what you think, or tell me your favorite summer date ideas!

  1. Wet & Wild-
    For this date you’re going to have to call out your inner child and invite them to have some old-fashioned fun. This is an excellent way to turn staying home into a date. The basics on this are pretty simple; fill some water guns and water balloons and place them in buckets around your yard, then declare war. If you’ve had time to plan ahead and set up obstacles and barricades, all the better, but you can easily use the natural landscaping of your yard and still have fun. Bonus: Once you’re all wet and laughed out, you can help each other undress… and honestly, is their anything sexier than you significant other soaking wet. 😉
  2. Museum Scavenger Hunt & Lunch –
    I know museums aren’t for everybody, but scavenger hunts are, I don’t care how old or cool you are. Most museums are donation based so this one is really flexible to your budget. Have I mentioned that museums always have amazing temperature control settings to preserve the works & artifacts they hold and to keep you from overheating.Create a list of items to find throughout the museum. You can easily split up or work together, depending on whether you’d prefer a friendly competition or teamwork. It’s really open to whatever works best for you. Once you have worked your way through your scavenger hunt and enjoyed your favorite parts of the museum, be sure to stop for lunch. If your chosen museum has a cafeteria then that is a great option but you can also switch lanes and hit a favorite local spot.
  3. Drive-In Movies & Car Cuddles – 
    This one is pretty self-explanatory. Head out to your nearest Drive-In Theater and catch whatever is playing, while cuddling close in your air-conditioned car. To be fair, I understand that this is a dying media form, and as sad as that makes me I can understand why. So, if you live in an area where the real drive-in experience is simply not an option, consider making your own on-the-go theater. Charge your laptop, hit up Netflix or Amazon for movies, and take this show on the road! You can go and park anywhere to watch your movie, with the added bonus of no other cars being around.
  4. Indoor Picnic – 

    Prepare all of your favorite picnic staples, lie a blanket out on the living room floor, throw on a romantic movie and just let it happen. This one is so incredibly simple, but it allows you to reconnect and focus on each other in the comfort of your own home. No fancy clothes or fat wallet needed here, just enjoy some quality time together enjoying life’s simpler things. If you are feeling really lazy, you can even pull this one off with some takeout! Don’t forget your favorite wine or champagne and some popcorn for snacking. You can play around with lighting and atmosphere and really include as much or as little as you’d like in this one.


*Most images pulled from stock sites, if credit is due, please contact me and I will ensure it is fixed!


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