The One Where I Open My Own Shop

Today is one of those rare NYC days where the weather is warm and sunny, but neither the heat nor the humidity has become oppressive yet. Of course, I am stuck in my office but I have opened every window in sight and made 4 trips to the deli across the street despite needing nothing. This is the kind of weather that just smacks of possibility. I feel the sun shine down upon my face and a warm breeze brush past me and just imagine the world opening up before me. I envision myself driving some distant highway with the windows down and an epic driving playlist blaring.


Then of course I come back to reality and remember that I have a husband, a child, and a full-time job; not to mention volunteering and assorted domestic responsibilities.

Guess that solo road trip will stay a dream for right now.

There are other possibilities to share with you, though, as I have been keeping this one under the hood for far too long.

I have found a way to combine my love for art & design with my love for writing & stationery with my love for making money. It’s the best type of menage.

I opened an Etsy shop selling letter writing stationery that I have painstakingly designed and redesigned until perfected, and I am beyond excited about it.


You see, I have always wanted to have my own entrepreneurial pursuit. I am one of those people who is always coming up with an idea and wondering how and if I can turn it into a business. Working for yourself is the goddamn American Dream. Recently, as I found my niche in the world of snail mail, it hit me like a brick to the face. I love digital design, especially when it comes to stationery items. I have been designing invitations for people for years, and I always create my own writing sheets and greeting cards. There had to be a way to monetize that passion, and I was determined to find it. That’s when I remembered Etsy and it’s love for all creative niches.

I spent two months designing, researching, branding, and troubleshooting. I drove my poor husband crazy asking for opinions on everything from clip art placement, to background opacity, to paper quality. I kept a keen ear out for pen pals chattering about things they loved and hated about existing brands, and of course took my own opinions into account. I knew I wanted my paper to be fountain pen friendly and A5 in size. I wanted designs that ran the gamut from whimsical & fun to traditional to fit the many pen pal personalities I plan to serve. I wanted to have a unifying brand that made people think of my shop whenever they saw it. I wanted designs and themes that would be transferable to envelopes, greeting cards, labels, and postcards. I wanted to leave myself the option for expansion into territories outside of letter writing or possibly into subscription services.

I had a plan and nothing was going to deter me this time. I would take time every single day, no matter how stressed or exhausted I was, and work toward my goal. I had set my target relaunch date at June 1st, and because I am both a fast lane lifer and an impatient pain in the ass I ended up clicking that OPEN button on Mother’s Day.  The early opening was, in part, a display of confidence after my husband gifted me with a brand new printer as a show of incredible support.

Honestly, I don’t think I could possibly be anymore excited; I literally feel like a rockstar. I currently have 25 different designs listed, but at least that many in production as well.

Come check out my shop! 

Here are some samples of what I’ve got so far!


7 thoughts on “The One Where I Open My Own Shop

  1. This is awesome! I’m proud of you for powering through and making your dream come true. Anyone who does this is an inspiration to us all. May I recommend this tiny little book titled The Dip by Seth Godin. I think it’s excellent for those who are setting out on a new venture. It’s not all roses and growth takes time, but your passion for this is palpable. I’m very excited for you. That unicorn is too damn adorable 🙂

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