Life Planning

At some point last week while I was aimlessly ogling Pinterest boards I came across a board full of something called a Bullet Journal. I was immediately drawn in and enthralled. There was organization, color coding, day planning, goal setting, activity tracking, and list making all with a crafty flair. It was as if I had died and went to nerd heaven. Because it’s Pinterest, I quickly lost about 3 hours drooling over pins.

I decided that I needed to immediately start my own bullet journal. It took me a few days to get myself together and gather the supplies I wanted. Apparently there is a ton of debate among the Bullet Journal community in regards to the best notebook to use. I opted for a Moleskin since I have previously enjoyed using them for other things. I picked up a package of multicolor felt tip pens and some washi tape to help me embellish my book. Now, I know they say that you can start a new journal at any point, even mid-month. However by the time I was ready to start it was the 29th and I thought I would be better off waiting until April to start the actual planning portion of my journal. That did not stop me from listing and designing my butt off, though.

I usually go through planners pretty quickly, or drop off from using them for one reason or another, so I am hoping that this will be my solution for that. Here are some pictures of my very first bullet journal, please ignore my horrendous handwriting. Let me know what you think, or if you have any experience with journaling this way.

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