Holiday Tragedy

Yesterday afternoon I was 90% finished with my day after Christmas post. I had outlined the hi-jinks of my in-laws, my jet lagged entertaining, and the bouncing around I endured in Christmas eve. However I stopped writing and could not bring myself to finish.

I received a phone call from an old colleague telling me that a mutual friend of ours had lost her husband in a horrible accident. All of a sudden my upbeat and sarcastic bitching about my holiday seemed unimportant. I closed my computer and called this dear friend. Though she didn’t answer the phone I expressed my sincerest of sympathies. I followed up with a text message and she answered a few hours later heartbroken and in shock. I sat there for a while crying, my heart broken for her and unable to even comprehend how that would feel. I just kept telling my husband how much I love him because that was all that seemed important. The day after Christmas a family is missing their father, husband, son.

This served as a reminder of just how important it is to express our love for one another. Remember the spirit of the season and live it every single day. Kindness toward others and love for your family and friends is all we have in this world. How well you loved the world will be your most important legacy.

I ask that you please keep my friend and her three children in your thoughts and prayers, but more than that I ask that you grab the people you love and hold them, make sure they know how much they mean to you every second of their lives.

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