Boun Viaggio

This past month has been mayhem, absolute and utter mayhem!  First there was the whole getting married thing, then there was my mothers 50th birthday, Thanksgiving, the 50th Surprise Birthday Party, the In-Laws 40th anniversary & Surprise party, Tina’s 25th Birthday and subsequent surprise party.  Yes, that was a lot of surprise parties, you are right. Not to mention the end of the semester and a million projects due. Finally, yes finally – I will be leaving for my honeymoon!!! We leave tonight and I can think of no better way to end this long year that has been full of ups and downs than a two week trip to Italy. My dream vacation will begin tomorrow afternoon in Venice and conclude in Rome for Christmas. Christmas in Rome. Doesn’t that just sound fucking magical? I bet nobody does Christmas like Christ.  While I am anxious about the ten hour flight and the impending jet lag I am over the moon excited for this dream vacation.  We will be visiting family and seeing all the magnificent sights.  Just the thought of standing in a place with so much history (both personal and global) is making my heart flutter with excitement.

This dream vacation comes courtesy of and if you are thinking of planning a Euro-getaway I highly suggest using them.  By far the most reasonably priced tour agency with the most customizable options.  We will be in five cities and we have 4 star hotels, flight, breakfasts, and rental car included in our self guided package. It is seriously the best.

Anyway, as usual I am not finished prepping and we leave in 4 hours, so for now I must say – Arrivederci miei amori.


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