I know its a bit late, but my thoughts on this thanksgiving are simple. I won’t get mushy and gushy and tell you how much I love my family and friends. I do that on a regular day because I always try to appreciate them.

No on this Thanksgiving I want to stress how thankful I am for one simple thing we often take for granted –

Indoor Plumbing.

That’s right – I want you to consider for a moment what your life would be like without this luxury. The ability to flush your bodily waste and not have it wallowing around making everything smell shitty (pun intended). The ability to shower on a regular basis and not smell like a garbage disposal. Or washing dishes, simply by pressing a button or turning on a faucet. We take these things for granted every single day, but I am fully convinced this convenience is what separates us from the third world. Imagine how fast society would breakdown without the ability to flush stinky poops. Seriously.


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