Wedded Bliss

In the past year and a half I have told you all about my stress, apathy, aggravation, and happiness over planning my wedding and this past Friday I got to see all of my dreams come to fruition.  I am now a married woman! During the planning process people felt the need to continuously tell me how things were bound to go wrong and that I needed to not stress over them, which of course made me stress over them more. The reality is, plenty of things went wrong and I just had to roll with it.

For starters it rained a little and was then freezing cold but at least it was sunny. My beautiful and angelic flower girl threw a tantrum and had to go home missing the reception and I therefor have no pictures with her. One of the makeup girls cancelled at the last minute. The florist started a fight with my Maid of Honor. One of Nick’s lovely Groomsmen was misbehaving in church, making my ceremony feel a it like a joke. The priest stopped me and my dad and had us turn around and walk back in, ruining my grand entrance. It was too cold to get many of the pictures I wanted. My bustle ripped a hundred times over. I could barely breath in my dress and the seamstress made the straps too long so that it had an awkward fit. My wedding cake was hideous.

And do you know what – I didn’t care! I got to marry the man I love before God and our friends and family and now he is my HUSBAND!  Our reception was a ton of fun and despite warnings from so many people that I wouldn’t I got to eat and enjoy myself.  Every person I have spoken to just keeps talking about how much fun they had. I could not have asked for anything better than dancing with my man and having fun with my friends.  I have been married for 5 days and it all feels so surreal, but I am elated that I get to call the man of my dreams my husband. I feel like it took me a lifetime to find him and now I will never let go. I still feel like I am on top of the world.

We won’t be heading out on our honeymoon until mid December because we want to spend a romantic Christmas in Italy – and I can’t wait!

Now I will leave you with some wonderful photos taken by friends and family of some of the highlights. ❤


Being stopped halfway to the alter and told to do it over since the wedding march hadn’t started yet :/


Begin Again! ❤ my daddy


Mr. & Mrs Photo Op


The Fire House was out in full force to congratulate us! After all it is how we met ❤


Stopped for a Pic during Our First Dance


Dancing with my Daddy ❤ ❤


Cutting our Ugly Cake!


Just enjoying my party!!


Silly boys scared me to death! ❤

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