A Quick Game of Catch Up

Attending school full time and planning a wedding keeps me busy enough that I actually forgot today was Halloween. Normally I love Halloween – attending parties, dressing ridiculously, drinking with friends, what’s not to love. This year I just don’t have it in me. I am stressed out and exhausted on every level. I am actually very happy that I no longer have to worry about a job that makes me miserable. Speaking of which, I mentioned briefly in my last post that I lost my job. Here is how that happened – After refusing to forgo my honeymoon (which they didn’t want me to take despite having saved up the days for it) and verbally expressing my unhappiness with the company they basically asked me if I planned on staying there much longer. I could have lied, it would have been easy. Instead though, exhausted from the years of deteriorating workplace atmosphere, I opted to put it all out there. I let them know that I decided to leave and told them, ironically, that today would be my last day. I gave them 2 months notice and kindly offered to help hire and train a suitable replacement. They said thank you and let me go three weeks later, which is fine by me since it means I qualified for unemployment and had plenty of extra time to focus on my wedding and my education. From what I hear, though, I am sorely missed and my replacement is not an iota as capable. As they say, though – Their loss, not mine.

On the wedding front – what can I say, I have spent two years dreaming and planning and I am exactly one week from nuptial bliss. I cannot wait for the wedding to be here – but I am also nervous, as I am told is normal. This year has been rough and just this past month the stress levels have escalated to near deadly. I have also lost a beloved friend and a dear aunt both to cancer in the past two weeks.  I think this is how the world keeps its balance. I had to have a trying and difficult year because I will have happiness overload soon. We need sadness in order to truly treasure bliss.  With a week to go I cannot say that I have finished everything there is to do but one way or another I have resigned myself to the fact that things will just have to be. The part of wedding prep I am most looking forward to is definitely the massage and facial I will be getting on Sunday. I know that everything will be perfect next Friday simply because I am marrying the man of my dreams and nothing else really matters.

One more thing will soon be checked off my bucket list 🙂 See you all on the other side

2 thoughts on “A Quick Game of Catch Up

  1. I love this post, weird coincidence but I had almost the same experience as you. I lost my grandmother to cancer last year, a month before I got engaged, had a memorable wedding last April and now I’m dealing with a lot of stress at work. It’s definitely been a huge roller-coaster ride, and my takeaway is that you should never be too happy or too sad, because neither is constant. Thanks for sharing and wish you a wonderful married life 🙂

    • I am sorry to hear about your grandmother – losing people definitely gave my special day a bittersweet feeling juts being happy but knowing that loved ones were missing. Life seems to enjoy being bumpy but I have to agree with you about never being too happy or sad because there will always be a bounce back in the opposite direction! Hope your work situation gets better – I definitely know how shitty life can be when your facing a stressful workplace.

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