Wedding Wednesday : Catching up in Crunch Time

I just realized it’s been almost a month since I last posted.  I’ve been busy losing my job, catching up with school, watching my baby brother head off to school far away, watching my adopted baby brother go off to the marines, and trying not to become Bride-zilla.  Most of that is for another day though.

Let me start by saying that my bridal shower was two weeks ago and I hate bridal showers. Showers in general are sheer torture for me – lame games, watching someone open gifts like a six year old, displaying lingerie like an exhibitionist,  just can’t deal with it. I generally only attend showers for my closest friends and otherwise I just send a gift and move on with life.  Unwilling to be the subject of such a ridiculous tradition I specifically requested not to have a shower. That idea, however, was immediately shot down by my family – mostly my mother. She claimed I was just being difficult and basically bulldozed those women in my bridal party who supported my decision to not have a shower. I bit the bullet and registered for gifts. My final request was that the shower not be a surprise. I hate surprises more than I hate showers. It has driven Nick crazy for years, but surprises actually piss me off. How do I know if I am dressed appropriately, how do I now if I will actually enjoy this surprise – yada yada. Still everyone felt the need to keep the date and time of my shower from me. Daisy finally caved and told me when it was, because she felt (rightfully so) that its borderline disrespectful to ignore the wishes of the bride.  It’s a good thing, too, since I had a  cake tasting scheduled for that day.  Now, all negativity aside, the shower wasn’t terrible. I could tell that Tina and the girls put a lot of work into it, trying to make it the perfectly beachy brunch that they thought I would love. Unfortunately there was almost no food left by the time I got there – probably because Nick’s grandmother brought all of her friends despite them not being invited.  I ate half a bagel and a piece of bacon and drank too many mimosas.  I walked around (and was dragged around) saying hello to people and meeting people and then I had to open gifts. My very generous friends and family made sure that I had plenty of wonderful gifts so unfortunately I spent the entirety of the shower open gifts and saying thank you as 60 women ohh’d and ahh’d.  My bridal party was kind enough to not include any games and knowing how I love to cook they had guests include recipes with their gifts, so that was nice.  Unfortunately because of our limited living space the majority of our gifts had to go into storage until we have something bigger.

The next and last event before the wedding is the bachelorette party, and that is the one thing I am most looking forward to.  A weekend in AC with my lovely ladies!! Can’t wait!

Aside from the shower we have just had the many last minute details to deal with. Finishing up centerpieces, planning out music and gifts, menus and ceremony prayers.  My stress levels are at an all time high and I definitely over-committed with my current school semester. Just another day in the life though.

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