And Life Goes On…

My posting has been sporadic the past few months, kids.  Life is busier than ever and I can feel the wedding breathing down my neck as I continue to take on even more responsibility.  A busy life is not always the most fulfilling existence, but for me it has always been essential.  When I have nothing to do my life begins to fall apart, yet the more I have to do, the harder I work and the happier I am.  The Old Man used to tell me I wouldn’t be happy if I hadn’t taken on too much to handle, and I guess he was right.  And the busier I get the more I appreciate the fleeting moments of relaxation I experience far too infrequently – call it a renewed awareness, if you will.  I attribute my lack of recent writing both to this busy burst coupled with the fact that my office was rearranged so I am no longer in an optimal location to shirk real work for writing.  Furthermore, with me having the flu, my dad spending four days in the hospital (He is fine now!), and my great aunt breaking her hip at her 100th birthday party – the first 2 weeks of this year have been less than satisfactory and far too eventful.

There were a few things I thought I would bring up briefly for my first real post in over 6 weeks.  A few months ago, as summer was waning, I had a quarter life crisis which prompted me to create the list of things to do before I die turn 30.  Though I have not necessarily mentioned it since I originally posted it, I have been actively working toward some of these goals, which again has kept me busier than any human should be.

Ongoing List Projects:

  1. My first ambition was to obtain a college degree. Well I am happy to say that I have applied, been accepted and enrolled.  My first class is Tuesday.  At the time of posting my list, I was not specific as to what I wanted to do.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have a plan, because I did.  In truth it was the fact that people continuously make light of my ambitions that persuaded be not to share them.  I’ve changed my mind, though, and decided that I simply do not give a fuck what anyone thinks because it is truly 100% what I love and what I want my life to be about.  My intentions are to major in Classics.  Then I will go on to a Masters in Archaeology. I will be a part time professor and do field work when I’m not teaching.  My real life inspiration, since I’m about 4, is Indiana Jones.  I want to be fucking Indiana Jones, bitch.  There I said it! The only time in my life I didn’t want to be Indiana Jones was a brief period of time during which I was awaiting my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, which heart shatteringly never arrived.  Anyway, everybody has felt their need to chime in on my decision, and frankly I don’t give 2 shits.  I’ve had my own father tell me that I should “just stick with the safe job” because I’m “too old to go chasing dreams”… I’m only 25!!!  Realistically speaking, people are becoming “settled” later and later in life due to longer education times, poor economic times, and the search for happiness as pure as a unicorn. (Disclaimer – that doesn’t exist, so pull your head out of your twat and wake up and love the life you’ve got)  Besides, who doesn’t want to be Indiana Jones, he’s badass.

    I mean… Seriously…

  2. Number 4 on my list is to speak another language.  Well guess what? I’m taking an Italian class.  Seeing as I’m half Italian, took Spanish for years to no avail, and I have aspirations of traveling to Italia in the near future, well it just made sense.  I’ve already read half of my Italian textbook, because yes I am that nerd.  Plus Italian is a beautiful and romantic language.  I’ve been raised with the culture, so it’s high time for some linguistic back up.


  3. Number 12 was to get married.  Those of you, who are regular readers of this blog, will know that I am in fact getting married.  I may be dragging my feet at times, or having a nervous breakdown over suit colors and floral arrangements but I am thrilled to be marrying my best friend in the world. Not only am I getting married, but I am doing it THIS YEAR!
    *excuse me while I hyperventilate for a moment.
    Most of the major tasks associated with the wedding have been completed, which is great. Unfortunately I regularly have dreams about Kingsley showing up at the reception to tell me the Ministry’s been taken, sending me and my two besties on the run for our lives.  The perfectionist in me is dying slightly with every concession I make in regards to the wedding, but overall, I believe it will be a magnificent day… So long as no one brings Voldemort as their date.

    What do you mean… Not invited???

  4. Finally, my honeymoon.  Goal number 2 on my list was to travel to Italy.  Well why not link 3 of my highest ambitions together.  Learn Italian, get married, and honeymoon in Italy. Perfection. We are still working out the kinks on this one because I want to go everywhere, see everything and spend the rest of my life blissfully basking in the Amalfi sun.  Unfortunately, Nick is far more practical and has been keeping me in check with phrases like “It’s a vacation, not a move” and “You can only take 2 weeks off of work.”  Amongst my family this honeymoon has become as controversial as the oxford comma, as my parents seem to think it is too rich for our blood.  My reply to these naysayers – Well this is my party, bitches, so stop shitting on my life!  In reality, this trip is not as out of reach as many seem to think. There are many affordable and practical ways of traveling to Europe. Enough that I could, and may, write an entirely separate entry on it.  Seriously, though, this is a once in a lifetime thing (or at least I sincerely hope and intend that) and I’m not compromising it for anyone.


So since I have realized the amount of effort I’ve been putting into my future, I have to say, my overall outlook on life has improved immensely.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go back to shouldering my Atlas sized responsibility.

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