Let’s Catch Up…

Kids, life has been busy.  Very, very busy.   I feel like I have been running a marathon, and every night by the time I get into bed, I am collapsing with exhaustion.  Between work, wedding, firehouse and social life I barely have alone time to shower – but don’t worry, I still do!! 🙂  Since it has been a while, here is a brief recap of the last 2 weeks:

On the 12th I left work agitated and exhausted, only to have to go to the Fire House for the monthly meeting.  Unfortunately I don’t get to skip these meeting since, as the President, it’s my job to run them.  Attendance was seriously lacking due to an EMT class that was being held at the same time.  Unfortunately this post-summer meeting is always an important one and without the ability to discuss large upcoming functions I had to schedule a completely separate meeting. Yay! 😐

That weekend was nice since we went to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park.  It was fun and something different but in reality, it was really just a large bazaar type of event.  We ate Mid-evil food, drank mead, and said “Ye Olde” for no damn reason.  Basically it was just a good excuse to look ridiculous and see our friends.  That’s right. I said look ridiculous – because Daisy and I dressed up for this event!

I look like I belong in the Renaissance

Nick told me a number of times that it was borderline scary how well the Renaissance look fit me, which of course, I found awesome!  I noticed something interesting about the Renaissance Faire though – Aside from selling over sized Turkey Legs that were possibly, actually Ostrich legs, they really sold an unrealistic amount of food on sticks.  You could get chicken, steak, cheesecake, bananas, Pork chops, sausage (which was humongous and the brunt of more than a few phallic jokes), and vegetables served to you on a stick.  I have a hard time believing that people in Elizabethan England (which appeared to be the “theme” of this particular faire) ate every single thing off of a damned stick.  Overall, though it was a fun time and since it was Romance Weekend, we got to listen to Shakespearean Sonnets and the boys bought us roses.  Also I was dead tired after that experience, which involved approximately 10 miles of walking.  I was glad that I opted for sneakers under my traditional garb.  Daisy and I were also starving by the time we removed our outfits since you couldn’t fit an appropriate amount of Stick Food into your stomach while wearing that ridiculously tight corslet. I actually felt somewhat naked and loose after returning to a bra and t-shirt.

Nick and I went home and immediately decided we would spend the rest of the evening doing nothing.  Sunday was supposed to be a dinner date with another High School friend of mine, Ginger.  However she got caught up in some other random nonsense so we rescheduled for Thursday.  So Nick and I decided to take on a home improvement project – We Built a bar cart!  It came out pretty nifty.

Pretty tiling that took me forever.

We have a lot of booze…

Then Last week, aside from work, I had 2 Fire House meetings, dinner with Ginger, A retirement Party, and Ralphie’s birthday.  This past weekend the weather sucked so we decided to do some shopping at IKEA.  That all turned out fine, but on the way home we stopped to eat.  We decided on a wing place that gives you free wings with every beer – sweet. Plus the Jets were playing.  That’s where I had a minor allergy attack to the Oyster Sauce hidden in their “Secret Recipe Wings”.  Apparently the secret is death, since I am deathly allergic to shellfish in any form.  My poor Nick  was so panic stricken I thought the himself would die. Luckily there were only trace amounts of death in my system and after a couple of shots I was free to go home and feel like shit for 3 days, which included missing some work and using the last of my sick days 😥 … Oh well, at least I’m alive. It certainly is never a dull moment!

And now onto the next adventure.

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