Rebuilding and Raving

Ah, yes, Labor Day Weekend.  Well known in my home town to be “Mardi Gras” – basically meaning that it is completely normal to see outlandish costumes and behavior.  I always remember it as the very best of summer and hometown fun.  Children wander the streets barefoot, devouring barbecued delicacies and an unhealthy amount  of carbonated syrup… aka soda.  There is a sense of retreating freedom as the last rays of summer set over my small town.  For adults, it was a never ending party.  There are Countdowns, bar functions, float building day and finally the Parade.  The entire weekend is drowning in alcohol and ridiculousness and is easily comparable to living inside the movie Old School.  So basically it is an absolute blast.

Kind of like this, but more obscene


This will be our first Mardi Gras celebration since Sandy and I am eager to see it succeed.  My little town has had it’s heart ripped out and has suffered for 10 extremely long months.  We have held each other up, fed each other, cried with each other, rebuilt with each other, and we did all of it alone, as a community, with little to no external help.  This party is more neeeded than ever and this year it is so much more than a celebration of summer.  It is a celebration that we are still here, still together, still going strong, and loving our home and always trying to put our best foot forward.  New Jersey is certainly not the only place Stronger than the Storm, and we have shown that consistently.

After this :

And this:

Well, let’s just say we could use a whole lot of this:


Oh and this:



So that is what I will be up to this weekend. Enjoy every second of your Holiday! See you all Tuesday! 🙂 🙂

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