The Wedding Effect.

Since the minute I became engaged everyone wants to know every little detail I have planned for my wedding, which is still 14 months away.  There are questions to answer (and ask!) about season, flowers, centerpieces, uplighting, musical tastes, DJ or band, dress taste for me, dress options for my maids, themes, shoes, colors, food, venues, churches, officiants, photographers, videographers, planners, guests, favors, showers, bachelorettes, decoration, timing, seating charts, stationers, bakers and a mighty slew of other previously un-thought-of details. In the last 7 months (Can’t believe it’s been that long!!!) I have run through more than several lists of of wedding style possibilities and I have changed my mind more times than anyone involved would care to think about. Yet with alarming frequency I feel like an unprepared bride as people ask me wedding questions to which I have no answer.  I find that only one thing is certain no matter what the question or topic may be —

Weddings are expensive!!!
New York and I, well we have a love – hate relationship.   My anger towards the city I call home seems to intensify as I delve deeper into wedding planning. I find myself constantly reworking our budget needs to accommodate our wants without becoming totally impoverished. In some ways I am a natural at this game since I have spent a lifetime unable to fully afford New York in all her splendor. I do credit this city for its wondrous ability to produce absolutely anything you might request if you are willing to look hard enough for it.  Sometimes life here is like an adult version of hide and seek, or hot and cold, where as soon as you are exasperated and ready to give up NYC comes through with the solution. In general, though, you will he forced to pay a price the rest of America would scoff at. This infuriates me to no end! Being alive should not be so expensive; it just isn’t fair.
So back to the wedding… It seems on some days like we will never be able to afford the things we want for our day. A 21 month engagement went from feeling like forever to feeling like not enough time to save the appropriate funds. I know we aren’t the only folks in this type of situation as i have read an unrealistic number of articles and blogs dedicated to the topic of budgeting and saving for weddings. As time passes I find that I am more able to answer people’s questions with decisiveness. It is all taking time and adjusting (which takes longer than you would think) but I’ve learned that’s okay! After all this is my first (and only!) time planning my wedding.
I also know that in the end we will be fine so long as we have each other. I just keep reminding myself it’s alright to put away my Type A habits and have fun with this period of my life. At the end of it all the only thing that matters is that I am looking at the man of my dreams and saying “I DO”. More important than our wedding night will be the years of happiness and love we will share together. And trust me – I cannot wait to be his wife!

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